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I specialise in helping people who suffer with eating disorders. I feel it is an area which is overlooked and is put in the ‘too hard’ category. There also seems to be a thought process that once you have an eating disorder you never really recover. I promise you it is not ‘too hard’ and the illness can be overcome.

Anorexia is a subject close to my heart because as a teenager I suffered from it. I worked through the illness and made a complete recovery. This gives me tremendous insight and understanding into eating disorders and I am able to use this to help others make a full recovery too.

I also appreciate how difficult it is for parents with children who have an eating disorder. It is to you that I am reaching out and to let you know there is hope and there are alternative ways to look to recovering  from this illness. If you would like to read more please follow this link to my letter to parents of an Anorexic child.

Emma Middleweek

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