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These resource links provide a great foundation for understanding the history of Psych-K and why it works.

Williams the mind is the doctor. A brilliant article on Rob Williams and Psych-K

Biology of Belief. Bruce Lipton’s work provides a frame work for how mind, body and spirit connect.

The Honeymoon Effect. This is a highly readable book answering what many of us wonder about…the initial spark we feel at the beginning of a relationship. Why does it go and can it be recreated? Quantum physics, bio chemistry and the conscious and subconscious mind come together to get the answer.

Psych-K The Missing Peace In Your Life by Rob Williams. This great book explains how Rob Williams became the founder of Psych-K, it’s philosophy and the science behind it.

If you prefer listening instead of reading: ………

Rob Williams The Psychology of Change Bruce Lipton 2 of 2
The founder of Psych-K.

Biology of Belief – The most important hour of your life – Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton – Reprogramming Your Subconscious

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