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I waited a long time to find, as the saying goes, ‘my calling’ and becoming a Global Psych-K Facilitator. I alwaysPsych-K Facilitator Emma Middleweek knew that I was meant to learn from my experiences so I could help others. I just wasn’t sure when, where, or how.

Having had a difficult childhood and many dramas I did my best to get over the challenges. I had the help of psychiatrists and psychologists to guide me through some very demanding experiences. They offered me the exact support and guidance that I needed at the time. However as the years went on I realised that as much as they helped me understand why I felt so bad, I still didn’t know how to let go of the past or if it was even possible.

To all intents and purposes I was functioning well. I had a good career in banking, met my husband and had two beautiful healthy boys. I had everything I could wish for. However, I was still carrying around with me (and doing my best to ignore) the anger and frustration I still carried towards my parents.

I thank my children for making me realise I had to deal with my past once and for all. Why? Because I respect children and their views . They see things for what they are, without the emotional baggage we have as adults. We are not just parents whose job it is to teach our children. They also come into this world to teach us and they are very good at it! Especially at pointing out our short comings, of which I had many.

I knew that to be a good parent I needed to be a good role model. Parenting isn’t about telling your children how to live in this world. It’s showing them. If you want them to learn and grow from their experiences, then you have to too. My children saw the sad relationship I had with my parents and I realised I was giving them a legacy I didn’t want repeated. I needed to show them that forgiveness and letting go of past hurts is possible. I realised I needed to demonstrate that I could be free of my past. I could forgive my parents and myself and celebrate who I am today. Not despite of, but because of it.

I picked up my interest again in biology, chemistry and psychology but this time with a universal energy  aspect. The science side I realised wasn’t enough to explain to me what life was all about. I needed more.

Gaining insight with concepts that I had never given a moments thought to, proved to be my turning point. Thank goodness! It was as if I was gaining some much needed extra pieces to a puzzle. My interest expanded into quantum physics and epigenetics which led to my pursuit of becoming a Global Psych-K facilitator. This work provides a bridge between the science and universal energy world and it made sense to me.

Quantum physics and epigenetics study leads directly into the understanding of Psych-K. Psych-K is both a universal energy and scientific modality. As soon as I started reading about it I knew I had to try it. l thought ‘what have I got to lose?’ So I did and it worked. The pieces of the puzzle simply fell into place. I felt freer and even physically felt lighter. I have never looked back. My children recognise the change. And yes I found the much needed peace with myself and my parents.

It was then the right time for me to take the steps to becoming a Psych-K Facilitator. I realised I had found ‘my calling’. There are many people in healing / psychology professions who know how to help others but not themselves. I have always felt that to be genuine in the healing field you have to have helped yourself first. It is so important that you not only appreciate what other people go through but you know that change is indeed possible. To know first hand, that your past instead of holding you back, can help you become a brilliant version of yourself.

Psych-K makes these big leaps with speed and ease. But you have to really want to change, to stop blaming others and drop a victim mentality. Psych-K focuses on positive beliefs. If we believe we are a victim then that is what we will be . However, if we change this and allow our subconscious to believe we grow from our challenges and forgive past hurts, then it will be so.

Most of us have negative subconscious beliefs holding us back. We can even convince ourselves that we are just not meant to get the life we want. Lets face it, life does not stop throwing curve balls at us. So we need to be able to change how we perceive, learn and grow from these curve balls. That is where our own power lies and the power of Psych-K.

We are born into this world to grow and learn and Psych-K helps us do just that. It is all about empowerment, so you will not need a crutch. A few sessions are generally enough for you to be able to find life easier and be on the right path to achieve your goals. Psych-K allows you to go forward and do this yourself. You will be able to turn your corner.

Emma Middleweek – Global Psych-K Facilitator

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