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My greatest challenge in life was to go from being stuck in the past, to being present and truly empowered. Psych-K enabled me to jump start this process and create the practice of showing up fully in the present. This has allowed me to reinvent myself and be exactly who I want to be, instead of reacting to life with old negative subconscious patterns.

What does being present and whole brained mean

To be present is a practice that involves consciously recognising when we are experiencing or behaving in a way we don’t want to be, and to intervene with these negative subconscious patterns. This creates an autonomous power because we are in control and able to choose far more beneficial new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

When we do this practice, we are detaching from old negative behaviour patterns and moving into the Now. On a physiological level this is where our brains go into a whole brain state. The more we practice this the easier it is for the left and right hemispheres in our brains to have a balanced relationship with each other.

Why does Psych-K help us be present

Psych-K is the tool to help us make the practice of being present much easier. This is because being present requires energy. The Psych-K balances generate new energy by creating a whole brain state transforming negative subconscious beliefs into positive subconscious beliefs.

This new revitalised energy created in the positive beliefs is now available for the practice of being present. This is where we are empowered and no matter what arises in our immediate experience, we have the control to choose how we want to respond.

Maintaining the positive outcomes from Psych-K balances

The sub conscious is a lot more powerful than the conscious mind. However, we cannot or DO NOT need to change ALL the negative beliefs we may have. All that is usually required is to transform KEY negative beliefs through the Psych-K balances. This then creates the initial flow of new positive energy. The more we practice being present and the more we stimulate a whole brain state the more we increasing feel empowered and confident.  It is this that maintains the drive to continue moving forward and to continue to constantly create new energy in the present.

Many clients have found that after usually only a few sessions they have freed enough of their own energy and power to start seeing the very positive results of being present.

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