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A Psych-K balance is a process which creates balance between the left and right hemispheres in the brain. During Psych-K balances neuronal exchanges occur between the hemispheres, creating a whole brain state.

When there is coherence between the two hemispheres a super learning state is created, allowing the instant download of new data, and the reprogramming of out of date negative subconscious beliefs. In this super learning state we create the sub conscious beliefs we want to have, in order to live the life we want to have as adults.

Because Psych-K balances unlock energy that has been stuck in the past and create new energy, all that is then required is for the potential in this new energy to be activated through small conscious actions, to create the results that you want to achieve.

Producing this new energy also makes it much easier for the brain to practice being present in a whole brain state. which is where our real power comes from.

Scientific validation of the whole brain state after a Psych-K balance

The neuroscience relating to Psych-K process has been made clearer by brain mapping

Brain mapping is a proven scientific method that measures brainwave patterns and converts the EEG data into visual pattern. Patterns from before and after a Psych-K balances have been compared to each other. The results show that fter a Psych-K balance there are significant shifts in hemispheric coherence patterns, establishing a whole brain state.

For more information on the clinical study of brain mapping and Psych-K see NeuroConnections Fall 2011

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