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Private session environment

Sessions are made to be as accessible as possible for you wherever you are in the world. They are conducted over video link using Zoom, Facetime or WhatsApp.

Session objectives

When we start our sessions there are two main objectives. The first is for you to make any changes that you want to have happen in your life actually happen. The second objective is for you to become empowered. This all happens in a positive, non intrusive and energising environment.


Change is usually something that we fear, even if we know the change is going to be for the better. However, in a session we don’t just talk about the changes you want…you make the changes happen there and then. This is done within the safe parameters of  energy balances.

I work with you to help you discover any negative subconscious beliefs you may have which are preventing you getting where you want to be in life. As the subconscious beliefs are transformed during a session, you will find the changes you want to have happen, come naturally to you. This is because the subconscious is now not only aware of, but also agreeing to the new changes. Up till now your subconscious has resisted this.

As soon as you start to experience positive changes in your life, the fear of change itself starts to diminish. Life constantly requires us to adjust and make changes, and so developing a positive and confident attitude towards change makes us more equipped to move forward and flow with life.


Negative beliefs drain you of your power. Positive beliefs give you your power back.

Energy is freed when negative beliefs are transformed. This is why a session is both energising and positive. Also during a session you will start to recognise your own power very quickly. Not only does your empowerment come through seeing change as a positive and seeing changes happen, but also from seeing that the work we do together in a session, all comes from within you.  I intuitively guide you through the energy balances so that the changes can take place.

Once the subconscious is more positive than negative, the more empowered you become. This power paves the way for you to deal with any future issues objectively. It allows you to respond appropriately to situations that arise instead of just simply being triggered by them. Your inner confidence will give you the power and skills to deal with the challenging aspects that crop up in life.

A unique experience

The whole session is driven by what is right for you and you alone.  I am being guided intuitively by your subconscious. Sessions are completely unique to each individual, making the sessions dynamic and powerful.


You will be able to live a powerful confident life
Within a short amount of time you will  have the ability to be more objective in life.  To respond positively to situations instead of just reacting with old behaviours, and to independently solve problems and transform stress before it gets out of control.

Emma Middleweek

A Psych-K private session is the basis for authentic personal growth

You tube link to Rob Williams The Psychology of Change Bruce Lipton 2 of 2

Private session prices

$175 AUD session 75 min

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