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We are born with the natural ability to be in a whole brain state, unfortunately  it is all too easy to lose this balance during our childhood.

The brain hemispheres go out of balance when a traumatic or negative experience triggers a dominance of one hemisphere over the other because we are too overwhelmed to process it properly.  As fragile children we are very prone to feel overwhelmed and threatened. As life goes on and similar feelings come up the dominant hemisphere continues to have authority in regard to the emotion. We then perceive the experience through that one hemisphere.

For example, as a child we can have an experience which we perceived as feeling abandoned which overwhelmed us. For example, a mother being late picking up her child. This can be interpreted by a child as a traumatic event where by they feel vulnerable and abandoned. Because of the intensity of the experience we do not fully process the emotion with both hemispheres in the brain and therefore not able to be logical and have reason. Later on when another experience triggers a similar emotion, the right hemisphere will dominate. It will respond to the current experience but with the original context in which the emotion was first felt. Without the left hemisphere we cannot bring any logic in to balance that emotion and put it in the context of the now.

Once out of balance we lose the ability to be in the optimal state of consciousness – to be fully present. When we are not present, we are living life from old negative subconscious patterns.

The more we practice being present by pausing before responding instead of just reacting, the more the corpus collosum tissue between the hemispheres softens and the two hemispheres automatically talk to each other returning us to a whole brain state which is where we truly belong.  Psych-K provides the pathway to being present.

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