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Discovering Energy Healing: Emma Middleweek – Intuitive Energy Healer

I am an only child and the family dynamics I grew up in were extremely unhealthy and emotionally damaging. The subliminal and often at times very obvious messages I received from my parents included: I am not enough, I have to be perfect, I am expected to see life and behave in life the way they did. My feelings and emotions were never taken into consideration. As a result I felt unheard, isolated, vulnerable and frightened. This formed sabotaging subconscious beliefs which at 15 years old manifested in anorexia.

The anorexia was my attempt to protect myself. I was putting a wall around me that my parents could not enter. For the first time I experienced a form of control. The addiction, although damaging (as all addictions are) attempted to soothe me and distract me, albeit temporarily, from the anxiety and difficult emotions I was feeling.

I have no regrets about the anorexia. Through healing myself, it opened me up to being able to hold a healing space for others.

Overcoming it gave me insight and in-depth understanding of how and why negative subconscious beliefs can cause a deep shame filled pain and void, that leads to addiction in an attempt to try and escape those feelings.

My ability to heal by working through the negative beliefs brought me into the present and allowed me to start using my intuitive skills to read situations and energy clearly.

Working through the dark energy of anorexia also paved the way to realising my path forwards as an energy healer, helping not only myself but others to transform dark energy to light.

I developed energy healing skills I practice to this very day. The practice enables me to manage my emotions, self-acceptance, and the ability to stay open and present to life’s continuous changes and curve balls.

So many of us have had trauma in childhood and remain stuck there because finding a way forward can feel impossible. Changing our patterns and breaking any addiction, be it behavioural, chemical, or maladaptive habits in our thinking and acting, is a difficult task.

As an intuitive energy healer and specialist in the subconscious, I am able to help you resolve and reprogram your negative beliefs, break habitual patterns, and guide you to where you want to be.

Emma Middleweek – Intuitive Energy Healer

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