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“Emma is very passionate about her work . I had two sessions with Emma . I instantly felt relaxed and comfortable.”

“She took the necessary time to answer my questions and worked fast . I came away with a sense of clarity.”

“Over the last few weeks I definatly feel I have more energy and calmer dealing with any stress. Thank you Emma.”

– Suzy J, Perth

“My 7 year old daughter was coming home from school every day feeling sad because she felt rejected and left out by her classmates. She was also feeling dumb at school and was quickly losing her confidence.”

“The Psych K balance has really turned things around for her. It’s like it changed her subconscious to believe that she is likeable and that she is smart. She is loving going to school now. She is playing with her school friends and getting praised by her teachers.”

“The change since the balance is really noticeable. And even better, the session was done over Skype so I didn’t have to leave the comfort of my home.”

– MM, Perth

“I went to see Emma because I was feeling very unmotivated. After 1 session with Emma, I was waking up feeling passionate about working in my small business again.”

“I moved my desk at home and reorganised my home office. After 2 sessions I can feel that my goals and purpose are clearer.”

“I’ve been getting so much more done with a better work/life balance. I feel that I’m moving forward in life again instead of staying stagnant.”

– MS, Perth

“After only 2 Skype sessions with Emma we were able to address so many key areas in my life that I know haven been holding me back from feeling able, confident and just generally happy.”

“At the time of my first session I was overwhelmed by life in general and feeling depressed. I am truly amazed by what can only be the results of these sessions, that I am waking up every morning with a sense of joy and purpose. I can’t remember the last time I’ve genuinely felt this good!”

“Emma’s knowledge and professionalism in guiding me towards the outcomes I was seeking made the whole experience not only enjoyable but I was completely comfortable. I whole heartedly recommended Emma to anyone and everyone, no matter the issue.”

– Penny F, Brisbane

“My 11 year old daughter has had severe anxiety since she was a baby. Along with this she has had severe constipation. We had 3 sessions with Emma (in which I was the surrogate so Emma didn’t have to work on my daughter directly). She has been very calm since the sessions.”

“She doesn’t fight with her little sister or get frustrated the way she used to. Her fear of going to high school has really subsided. She has also had big improvements with her intestinal problems.”

–  MJ, Western Australia

“After one session with Emma, I began to notice positive changes at work and within myself. The very next day, I rediscovered my motivation to make a difference in my job”

– UP, Perth

“I’m very grateful to have done the psych-k work with Emma. The fast turn around results have been incredible, unlike any other type of therapy I have tried before and I have done many! I have found a deeper sense of self awareness, love and acceptance. The biggest change has been the positive way in which I approach challenges in relationships and work, I’m a lot calmer and the negative thought patterns that used to ‘grip’ me and hold me prisoner from moving forward and enjoying life are now but a fleeting thought I no longer attach to” 

– Laura B, Perth

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