Reprogram the subconsciousYou can reprogram the subconscious. The key to being able to practice staying in the present is to release the energy stuck in the negative subconscious programs from the past.

Being present allows you to become the observer of your behaviour, to interrupt the subconscious dialogue that you are so used to listening to, and override the power the subconscious has over you. It means you have vital energy available to focus on the here and now.

Your power lies here in the present. Being in the present gives you choice, instead of being a puppet where your past conditioned programming is pulling the strings. As soon as you begin to experience change by making choices in the present, you start to let go of the power those childhood fears have had over you. Instead you begin to realise your true potential and strength.

It is my belief and experience, that subconscious change gives you the ability to think, behave and perceive is new ways, and that this is the most creative work anyone can do.