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PSYCH-K - Live a powerful confident life

“Changing your life is easy with positive subconscious beliefs”

You are welcome to a free initial 15 minute consultation.  Please contact Emma.

Emma Middleweek has a BSc hons degree in Psychology, and is trained to Advanced, Masters and Health and Wellbeing level in Psych-K ®. She previously spent 10 years working in Investment Banking in London. Emma lives in Perth, Australia with her husband and two sons.

Emma works with clients in positive, relaxed sessions to achieve fast and lasting outcomes. Sessions are conducted around the world using video link or phone, allowing you to be in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


"She doesn’t fight with her little sister or get frustrated the way she used to. Her fear of going to high school has really subsided" - MJ, Western Australia
" .... since clearing the negatives and reprogramming the subconscious I have found that I am grasping everything about my new business venture and it is proving to be very rewarding "- L Rizzi, Perth
"Still can't believe that a skype session from London where I am based could change my life so much...." - E.R London
"I'm very grateful to have done the psych-k work with Emma. The fast turn around results have been incredible, unlike any other type of therapy I have tried before and I have done many!" - Laura B, Perth
"After only 2 Skype sessions with Emma we were able to address so many key areas in my life that I know haven been holding me back from feeling able, confident and just generally happy" - Penny F, Brisbane
"Emma worked with me through the issues, and there has been noticeable improvement in communication with my colleague." SM, England
"I went to see Emma because I was feeling very unmotivated. After 1 session with Emma, I was waking up feeling passionate about working in my small business again" - MS, Perth
"I came away with a sense of clarity. Over the last few weeks I definitely feel I have more energy and calmer dealing with any stress" - Suzy J, Perth
"After one session with Emma, I began to notice positive changes at work and within myself" - UP, Perth
"My 7 year old daughter was coming home from school every day feeling sad because she felt rejected and left out by her classmates. She was also feeling dumb at school and was quickly losing her confidence" - MM, Perth
"After the sessions with Emma I presented the quarterly accounts to my Church. I was very relaxed and spoke without the usual struggles." - Vincent Tsebewu, Ghana
"There has been a remarkable change in how I handle my emotions". - Jason

P, Perth
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How PSYCH-K can help you

  • Reach your optimal levels of health and well being
  • Reduce anxiety and stress around past, present and future situations
  • Resolve past trauma
  • Break negative behaviour / thinking patterns
  • Overcome challenges that prevent you reaching your personal goals
  • Reach professional goals
  • Transform allergic responses

How PSYCH-K can help your children

  • Overcome eating disorders and other self sabotaging behaviour
  • Remove stress and anxiety within the school environment (for example: exam stress, bullying)
  • Cope with parental divorce
  • Parents are also able to work with Psych-K on behalf of their children.
PSYCH-K – Live a powerful confident life.

How Emma works

Emma’s success with clients is due to her wealth of experience and working with clients using Psych-K ®. This is an holistic approach with proven long lasting results. Clients are able to move forward and reach their goals because any problems are dealt with at the subconscious level. It is at this level where real change needs to take place in order to have long lasting results.  Emma works with clients to identify their negative subconscious beliefs, and then in a series of Psych-K balances reprogram them into positive beliefs.

Emma works intuitively with clients providing guidance and support through these changes and moving forward with their personal growth.

Psych-K, an holistic approach

Psych-K simply means the key to the psyche. It is a simple process combining the mind, body and inner wisdom. Because of this holistic position it is extremely empowering, allowing you to take responsibility and to move forward with confidence.

The importance of changing negative subconscious beliefs

Psych-K is based on the understanding that subconscious beliefs determine our attitudes and experiences. How we perceive life and behave in our life is 95% driven by the subconscious mind. This programming has been downloaded in childhood. What you see transpiring in your life is the story of this subconscious programming. Unfortunately negative subconscious beliefs can prevent us being who we want to be and doing what we want to do. Our conscious mind takes up the remaining 5% of our thinking. Even if our conscious thoughts are positive and we have the very best intentions to get what we want in life, when the subconscious is already programmed with sabotaging beliefs, it is very difficult to stay focused on the positive.

Psych-K generates a whole brain state

This is an optimal state of consciousness where the qualities and attributes of  both hemispheres in the brain are being utilised. This state enables a super learning environment for the subconscious reprogramming to take place. This is why Psych-K is powerful, fast and highly effective.

Sessions with Emma  – Emma’s sessions focus on clients becoming empowered by the positive changes in the subconscious. Clients are from all over the world with sessions taking place through video link or call.

Life is so much easier when your subconscious beliefs are working for you not against you.


Psych-K Disclaimer

The Psych-K process is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs. It’s purpose is to engage the mind/body’s natural self healing process’ in order to compliment, not replace, medical treatment and medical care by qualified medical practitioners. The Psych-K process is not designed to diagnose medical conditions or treat, heal or cure any disease, physical or mental illness, physical disability, medical problem or mental illness. Psych-K is not a replacement for appropriate medical attention or mental health care. Psych-K is not medical advice and should not be treated as such.


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